Brand Usage Policy

Usage rights of 5G Infotech

5G Infotech logo can not be used without permission on any website at clients section.

5G Infotech is a brand name to copy the name will be treated as a legal action.

5G Infotech is a reputed international company, in case any illegal activity detected related to our brand reputation, a strict action can be taken.

5G Infotech logo can be used by taking licensed permission from the company higher authority.

In case of any harm to the reputation of the 5G Infotech by any company by their activities is treated as a legal case.

If any company use, 5G Infotech name for any illegal and fraudulent activity, a penalty of 5 lacs will be given to that company.

Any employee or intern can use 5G Infotech name and logo without permission.

In case of our brand promotion like about company, company details, company information like websites can use our brand name and logo without permission.


How to get permit to use 5G Infotech name and logo.

Contact in case you want to use 5G Infotech logo and name.

The Usage license will be issued to you by our team once your request has been processed.


Usage rights in case of adding suffix and prefix.

To use 5G Infotech name by adding suffix and prefix in the name is not allowed.

5G Infotech name can’t be used with prefix and suffix, in case if anyone found with this type of activity, a legal action would be taken.


Reputation rights

Hate speech or harassment about company cannot be accepted in case of anyone conducted that type of activity is treated as a penalty.